Turbine Oil 560

Turbine Oil 560

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Many modern jet engines require fit-for-purpose lubricant products that can handle high speeds, temperatures, and related stresses without breaking down or forming deposits. As such, lubricant performance is a significant contributor to extended engine life, longer maintenance cycles, and fewer commercial disruptions.

Since the birth of modern aviation, Shell Aviation has been providing quality fuels,lubricants and associated services to the aviation community. For more than 100 years, Shell has played a crucial role in many landmark events in the aviation industry, including helping Sir Frank Whittle develop the jet engine. Today, Shell Aviation offers a wide range of lubricating oil products, including the latest generation of synthetic oils capable of taking turbine engine performance to new heights.

Proven performance for confident commercial operations

AeroShell Turbine Oil 560 (ASTO 560) is a third generation 5-centistoke synthetic hindered ester lubricating oil, designed to provide commercially viable performance and benefits such as reduced coking and improved wear resistance for modern jet engines. Formulated to cope with demanding operating conditions, ASTO 560 has consistently delivered the right balance of performance and cost efficiency to the global aviation industry over the past 25 years.

Features and Benefits

ASTO 560 is developed based on a deep understanding of commercial aviation requirements. The result is a versatile lubricating oil proven to deliver cleaner engines, more reliable operational performance and longer maintenance cycles.

Features Key Benefits
Reduced coke formation Coke formation and shedding can be disruptive to airline operations. Reduced coke deposits can lower maintenance costs and increase on-wing life.
Fully compatible with other approved oils No engine problems such as coke shedding and oil filters blocking is experienced when changing from one approved oil to ASTO 560, in accordance with the procedure outlined in the relevant engine service bulletin.
No adverse effect on elastomer seals ASTO 560's full compatibility with all elastomer seal materials reduces the possibility of oil leaks, which could lead to expensive engine overhauls or even an in-flight engine shutdown.
Good oxidative and thermal stability The use of ASTO 560 reduces the occurrence of oxidative and thermal degradation of the oil at high operating temperatures, which could result in high overhaul and maintenance costs due to:
1. An increase in oil viscosity, which may result in the need for oil change
2. An increase in acidity, which could lead to the corrosion of gears and bearings
3. Sludge formation in the oil system, causing the blockage of oil jets and filters

Technical Specifications

MIL-PRF-23699F - Specifications Competitor std ASTOåÊ560 (HTS)
Oil Type - Synthetic Ester Synthetic Ester Synthetic Ester
- 100C 4.90 to 5.40 5 5.24
- - - - -
Kinematic Viscosity mmå_/s 40C 23 25.3 26.71
- - - 11000 -
- -40C 13000 max 0 11000
Flash Point C 246 min 252 252
Pour Point C -54 max -60 -60
TAN mg KOH/g 1 max 0.06 0.22
Evaporation Loss 6.5 hrs/204å¡C %m 10.0 max 4.2 2
Foaming - - Pass Pass
Corrosive and Oxidative Stability 72 hrs / 204C - - -
Viscosity Change % - - 1.54 1.02
Contamination mg/100ml - - 7 0.55

ASTO 560 has met or exceeded technical specifications for jet engine lubricants, as well as performed better than competitive oils in several test parameters.

OEM Approval/Certification

ASTO 560 is an industry-proven synthetic lubricant that has gained wide commercial acceptance and is approved for use by major aircraft gas turbine engine manufacturers.

Manufacturer Engine Approval Reference
IAE V2500 (all models) SIL 235
CFMI CFM-56 (all models) CFM
CF-6 (all models)
Pratt & Whitney PW JT8D
PW 4000
SB 238
Pratt & Whitney Canada PW200 Series
PW300 Series
PW500 Series
MM 72-00-00
Engine Alliance GP7000 (all models) EAGP7 79-1
Rolls Royce

RB 211-524 (all models)

RB 211-535 (all models)

Honeywell APU (all models) 34-GT-7800T
Hamilton Sundstrand CSD (all models)
IDG (all models)
Pneumatic starters
HS 24-10-00

Delivering value to your operations

ASTO 560 provides you the confidence you need to operate successfully in an increasingly challenging business environment. Reliable and versatile, ASTO 560 meets or exceeds the most exacting requirements of turbine oil technology standards as outlined in SAE AS 5780A.

Shell Aviation's global distribution network ensures that ASTO 560 is more widely available than ever before.

By delivering the right balance of costcompetitive performance and operational benefits, you can count on ASTO 560 to deliver value to your operations, always and everywhere around the world.

Health and Safety

AeroShell Turbine Oil 560 is unlikely to present any significant health or safety hazard when properly used in the recommended application, and good standards of industrial and personal hygiene are maintained.

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