Garmin GPS 12 Series Flip Yoke Mount

Garmin GPS 12 Series Flip Yoke Mount

Manufacturer/Supplier: RAM


All products sold include a CanWest Aerospace Certificate of Conformity

  • $62.00

The RAM Marine Grade Aluminum Yoke Mount, with Extension Plate, consists of the 1" dia. ball and socket system with RAM Plastic Cradle for the Garmin GPS 38, 12, 12CX, 12XL and 12MAP.

The Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum Yoke Clamp Mount Base fits a rail diameter from 5/8 inches to a maximum of 1 1/4 inches. The 1 inches rubber ball is at a right angle to the plane of the mount so when connected to a rail, the ball sits parallel to the rail.

To mount the base, simply place the yoke clamps around the rail and then screw the large knob at the end of the threaded rod. The hand tightened clamp makes this the perfect mounting system for rental planes and unusual shaped motorbike rails.

Note: The rail does not need to be perfectly round to mount this base.

Extension plate Design

The RAM Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum Extension Plate with 1 inch Rubber Ball allows you to maneuver your GPS unit, or any connected device, in more positions than the standard mounting plate. Originally designed to position your GPS in front of the yoke on your plane, the extension plate can also be used in many other applications.

The connection section of the plate is 2.5 inch square with predrilled holes for many different screw hole patterns, including the universal AMPS hole pattern and all RAM made cradles. The connection section extends approximately 2.25 inches forward, at a 45 degree angle, from the center of the 1" ball and approximately 1.5 inch above the 1 inch ball (to the bottom of the connection section of the plate).

The Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum Standard Length Double Socket Arm is 3.0" long when measured between socket centers.


The RAM-HOL-GA1 RAM Mount High Strength Plastic Cradle is designed to hold the Garmin GPS 12 Series, including the following GPS units,

  • Garmin GPS 12
  • Garmin GPS 12CX
  • Garmin GPS 12XL
  • Garmin GPS 12MAP
  • Garmin GPS 38
All cables can stay connected to the unit while in the RAM cradle.

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