Lock wire 0.20

Lock wire 0.20

Manufacturer/Supplier: CanWest Aerospace

SKU: MS20995c20ss1lb

All products sold include a CanWest Aerospace Certificate of Conformity

  • $8.50

Since 1884, Malin Company has produced high-quality industrial wire including safety lockwire for use in aerospace applications through industrial and hardware wholesale companies. Malin is the #1 supplier for safety lock wire.


  • Used to ensure that fasteners have been properly tightened
  • Color coded cans for easy safety lockwire identification


  • Serves as a safety wiring mechanism to prevent the fastener from falling out or loosening from vibrations
  • Dispensing canisters will not degrade and they will keep your wire free of grease and other corrosive materials


  • The safety wire is typically threaded through the fastener hole then twisted to a part or another fastener then is twisted again



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