Cessna Seat Stop Kit 3

Cessna Seat Stop Kit 3

Manufacturer/Supplier: CanWest Aerospace Inc.

SKU: 05-00582

All products sold include a CanWest Aerospace Certificate of Conformity

  • $37.50

Seat stops are stronger than the originals!
Kits contain FAA-PMA and industry standard components.

These seat stops and related hardware are available in convenient kits for your aircraft.
Call for the correct kit part no. for your Cessna aircraft.

Seat stop kit #1
1 ea. AS0713074-1,
1 ea. MS24665-132-1
1 ea. MS20392-1C21

Seat stop kit #2
1 ea. AS0511242-1
1 ea. MS35265-41

Seat stop kit #3
1 ea. AS0713074-1
1 ea. MS24665-132
1 ea. MS20392-1C21
2 ea. NAS43DD1-9

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